Reflection: Checks for Understanding Narrative Retelling: Details, Details, Details - Section 2: Mini-Lesson


This Guide is one that will take students considerably more time than other Guides because it requires a lot of writing. Many students will be able to complete it in one independent reading session, however, some will need additional time. Sometimes, I ask them to take it home and complete it for homework, and other times I tell them they can finish it the next day in class.  After using it with this lesson, I keep extra ones handy so that I can use them for re-teaching with strategy groups and review with book club groups.



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  Checks for Understanding: Extra Time Needed
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Narrative Retelling: Details, Details, Details

Unit 18: Narrative Retelling Unit
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of Narrative Retelling with an Assessment Guide.

Big Idea: Assessing the concept of Narrative Retelling

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  60 minutes
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