Reflection: Discourse and Questioning MACBETH: Unpacking Characters and Central Ideas Day Four - Section 3: Unpacking Central Ideas - Collaborative Discussion Part Two


I think this activity went extremely well because I had to get out of the way and let students engage in valuable discussion without asking for my approval of their responses and assessments.  I had to circulate during their discussions to monitor their progress, but I could not linger because some groups tended to start looking at me for approval.  I stepped back and allowed them time to think out loud about questions and responses, negotiating towards consensus.

As a teacher I have a certain need for control, and in this situation, I hardly had any.  But isn't that what gradual release is about? I am proud to see my students conducting their own discussions and working independently.  I find that I have to starting letting go at this point in the school year and give them opportunities to learn from one another without my interference.  

Since this was my first time doing such an activity, I think my confidence was low because I did not have total control over the outcome.  

  Reflection: Unpacking Central Ideas - Collaborative Discussion
  Discourse and Questioning: Reflection: Unpacking Central Ideas - Collaborative Discussion
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MACBETH: Unpacking Characters and Central Ideas Day Four

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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of characterization and central ideas in MACBETH through project-based learning and collaborative discussion.

Big Idea: "Character develops in the stream of life." ---Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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