Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Calling All Quads - Section 3: Student Presentations


This reflection highlights two examples of the short student presentations that were created by my class.  Each group was given one quadrilateral to present on and could either make a poster or a video.  This example shows a poster of a Kite which two of my students created and presented in class.  This video, My Movie, shows a video on the key facts of a rhombus, where the deleted scenes are quite funny but not as mathematically focused as I hoped. 

Once we viewed these videos, we discussed as a class both the content and the overall quality of each group's video and poster.  It was interesting because almost all of my students agreed that they did not have enough guidelines and/or content to cover to make this a real, in depth project.  In the future, if we have time, I am going to try and do this, and maybe even use this a review of the entire polygon unit.  Also, I promised my students that we will do one more video project this year with a specific rubric and a lot of content to cover.  Overall, seemed like a worthwhile use of time!

  Intrinsic Motivation: Examples of Student Presentations
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Calling All Quads

Unit 6: Pretty Polygons
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify key characteristics of quadrilaterals like squares, rhombi, rectangles, kites, trapezoids and isosceles trapezoids.

Big Idea: Students will lead class in presenting on key facts about quadrilaterals like squares, rectangles, rhombi, trapezoids, isosceles trapezoids and kites.

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shapes calling all quads
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