Reflection: Pacing Analyzing the Party Scene Reveals Changes in Romeo and Juliet - Section 3: Romeo and Juliet Meet


The students were totally geared up for this scene. Everything they know about this play stems from two scenes: this one and the balcony scene. Since this is the first of the two, I felt obligated to make it fun and likable. I want them to want to read this play! Therefore, I was trying to balance my reading of the text-- an "academic" analysis-- with theirs-- a romantic first encounter. You can tell from the lesson narrative that I had a lot I wanted to cover, but once I watched them react to the actual events of the scene, I knew I needed to temper my plan with their needs.

We did address everything I had planned, but only cursorily. I feel comfortable that my students have a thorough understanding of the light and religious imagery. I also feel fairly confident that my understand the evolution of the love poetry. But we have not thoroughly addressed whether or not this is true love. However, I am confident that we can debate this question, probably even more substantially, after the balcony scene.

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Analyzing the Party Scene Reveals Changes in Romeo and Juliet

Unit 14: Romeo and Juliet Act 1: Character Introduction and Analysis
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters interact with each other and advance the plot by reading Act 1 scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet and analyzing how the protagonists react to each other.

Big Idea: Love at First Sight: Is it possible?

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