Reflection: Pacing Winter Holidays: Determining What's Important - Section 4: Deciding on a Theme


Today’s lesson could easy be broken into two lessons. If your students struggle to determine importance and summarize, you may want to keep today’s lesson focused only on that step. This will give you extra time to review or model this skill using different strategies. It also provides students with more time to work with their groups to complete the task.

Theme also can be a tricky topic. Again, if this is a skill your students haven’t quite mastered, then it might be a good idea to save this part for another day. 



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Winter Holidays: Determining What's Important

Unit 10: Winter Holidays: Discovering Commonalities
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT work with their group members to determine what is most important about their holidays.

Big Idea: Students determine importance to write a summary of their holiday facts and choose a theme.

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English / Language Arts, Holidays, winter, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Virtual Field Trip
  45 minutes
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