Reflection: Student Ownership Dr. Suess Graphs and Mountains - Section 2: Number Mountains


When I put the mountain on the board and began to use it as a model to help solve a problem, several students raised their hands. One told me that the mountain was just like what they had been doing on their homework, the fact triangles. Another student raised her hand and told me that the mountain was the same as the Big Total, Small Part, Small Part diagrams. These students were making connections to prior knowledge without being asked to do so. They were relating this new learning to things they already knew and understood.

It is exciting when students make connections on their own. If they are making these connections, they are demonstrating their understanding of problem solving models. I encourage these connections and praise students for noticing how different parts of our learning are similar.

  Making Connections
  Student Ownership: Making Connections
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Dr. Suess Graphs and Mountains

Unit 16: Getting Ready to Multiply
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use the data from the Dr. Seuss school graphs to create and solve problems with missing parts.

Big Idea: Climbing a mountain, you reach the greatest height at the top. What about a math mountain? The graphic can help students solve for a missing number.

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