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WOW! The final products were decent, but using a compass caused a struggle for many students, and I even gave them a mini refresher.  I have had students create a Venn Diagram as a first day activity since I began teaching in 2003, however, I have never asked them to draw their own circles.  Even though it was a little frustrating for me having to go to every table and assist with using the compass, I would not go back and change the lesson.  It is amazing to me that students do not know how to use tools such as the compass (in fact 40% of the class thought the compass was actually a protractor).  Today's lesson gave me the opportunity to help students learn a basic skill, so maybe when we get to constructions later in the year they won't look at compasses like aliens from another planet!

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First Day of School

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Practices
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Objective: Students will use a graphic organizer to display commonalities and differences amongst them.

Big Idea: Getting to know each other - in a nerdy way! This Venn Diagram revisits a classic graphic organizer while allowing children to get to know each other.

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