Reflection: Student Ownership Unknown Addends Part 2 - Section 3: Independent Practice


I love how a new idea erupts and then spreads across the room. This is a minor detail for this lesson, but I want to point out how such little things are amazing to First Graders. Today's lesson required my students to cut apart 4 pages of 8 cards each. I had  two students at one group that held their pages up to the light and noticed the lines were an exact match and they could lay the papers altogether and cut them apart at once, instead of each separate page. This little idea then began to spread across the room like a ripple in a pond and suddenly there was joy in a new idea for several students. They took ownership of their own organization and incorporated a new procedure in their cognitive abilities. Check out the video in the resource section of them discovering what they could do. Love it!

  Student Ownership: New Idea Emerges
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Unknown Addends Part 2

Unit 3: Addition Strategies
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine the unknown whole number in an addition equation.

Big Idea: My First Graders have been studying many addition strategies. Today, they will use these strategies to determine an unknown number in an addition equation.

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Math, addition, First Grade, unknown addend
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