Reflection: Learning Communities Ars Poetica and Illuminated Texts: Responding to Poetry through Artistic Represenation - Section 2: Natalie Merchant Paves the Way: Introducing Students to Ways of Illuminating


I attended a session featuring Carol Jago, a past president of NCTE and perhaps the most respected and admired English teacher in the country. 

During her session, Carol played the Natalie Merchant song, which I hadn't thought about in a long time,  and talked about the importance of reading slowly and closely. She reminded us that some texts require slow, deliberate reading while others do not. She cautioned against turning close reading into a strategy, a way for students to jump through hoops. 

Close reading is about observing and having an organic response to literature, not a step-by-step response to literature. Teaching students to read a text closely is hard work, one that we should not approach in a reductive way. That's an aha moment!

  Learning from the Venerable Carol Jago
  Learning Communities: Learning from the Venerable Carol Jago
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Ars Poetica and Illuminated Texts: Responding to Poetry through Artistic Represenation

Unit 10: Romantic, Victorian, and Modern British Poetry
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT illuminate their poems using high tech and/or low tech visual analysis.

Big Idea: Poetry is about art. "A poem should not mean but be." ("Ars Poetica" by Archibald MacLeish)

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English / Language Arts, poetry (Analysis), Poetry, Prezi, dulce et decorum est, British Poetry, e. e. cummings, Illuminated Poems
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