Reflection: Lesson Planning Annotated Bibliographies - Section 2: Individual Practice


Although this description is short, the activity takes quite awhile because students are not used to locating information on the internet articles. Students are using articles that they will use in their research project.  By practicing with annotated bibliographies today, they will have some of the details completed for their final research.   I told the students the previous day that they needed to print the complete article, not just a portion, nor should they copy and paste the information onto a word document.

As a reminder, I also addressed the validity of internet sites - relating them to the domain suffix. Students need to select sites that are valid and reliable.

  Articles Used for Research
  Lesson Planning: Articles Used for Research
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Annotated Bibliographies

Unit 7: Research
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT correctly cite sources using an annotated bibliography format.

Big Idea: Is there a difference between an Annotated Bibliography and a Bibliography that I have done in the past?

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