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I knew that my students needed another day to review these concepts because they seemed frustrated with "units", and because this was more than a 1-step problem. If your students are having trouble then you might want to try a real-world example here. For example, girl scouts packing small boxes of cookies into one larger box to send overseas to troops in Afghanistan. They needed more practice with complicated word problems. They can use the formula to determine volume, but get frustrated after recognizing several steps in a word problem. I need to build up their endurance and confidence with rigorous word problems. I can do this by using problems that students have interest in, and even include their names into problems too.

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Perfect Packing - Volume Day 2

Unit 5: Measurement
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: SWBAT define volume, and determine how to measure it.

Big Idea: Pack the boxes perfectly, so nothing will leak!

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