Reflection: Checks for Understanding Fact and Opinion - Day 1 - Section 1: Modeling and Guided Practice


During guided practice, I noticed some students wrote opinions as facts, so we stopped to review the definition. This is why using white boards are so effective. I can immediately assess students and give prompt feedback before misconceptions are cemented. For those students, I provided additional examples of facts and asked them if they could argue about it or offer another fact to counter it. When using their opinions written as facts, I showed how another person could think differently and provide another response. For example, a student wrote ‘Soccer is fun’ as a fact. We polled the class and there were students who did not feel the same way. I reiterated that feeling was part of forming an opinion. I guided them in writing facts about soccer. Resulting sentences included the following: Soccer is a sport. Soccer has 11 players. It is played by teams.

  Checks for Understanding: Real-Time Assessment
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Fact and Opinion - Day 1

Unit 13: Fact and Opinion
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT distinguish between fact and opinion by writing fact and opinion statements.

Big Idea: Students explore the concept of fact and opinion in preparation for writing opinion pieces.

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English / Language Arts, opinion writing
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