Reflection: Real World Applications Design a Cereal Box: Volume - Section 3: Independent Practice


I loved doing this lesson; this is my first time doing it. Drawing out the students to complete the writing was a bit challenging, but it was very worthwhile.  In the future, I would provide some sentence starters to get the dialogue going here. I loved the collaboration afterward to because not all of the students wanted to buy the largest box of cereal. My students actually initiated the word "value" while they were working and hypothesizing on drawing out the dimensions of each of the three boxes.

  Cereal Value
  Real World Applications: Cereal Value
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Design a Cereal Box: Volume

Unit 5: Measurement
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Objective: SWBAT design three different sizes of cereal boxes to meet the specifications of a manufacturer.

Big Idea: Students create and measure cereal boxes in order to determine volume to solve a real world manufacturing problem.

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