Reflection: Accountability Analysis Essay: Revision & Reflection - Section 4: Did They Get It?


I have always grappled with how to include the peer feedback process in the portfolio grade.  Every year I run into the problem where a student does a great job evaluating a peer's paper, but doesn't get great (or any) feedback in return.  On the flip side, I have students who don't lift a finger for a peer but get great feedback from a more conscientious student.  Both sides of this problem have been equally puzzling for me to deal with.

Here's the solution I came to this year:

If a student didn't complete feedback for a peer, they are down points on the assignment.  There is no way to recover these points, because evaluating someone's paper after the fact helps no one.

If a student did not receive any feedback, I had them self-evaluate their paper for revision.  They still filled out the reflection, but instead of focusing on the helpfulness of the comments, I had them focus on the helpfulness of using the rubric.

After today's lesson, the peer feedback paper becomes the property of the evaluator, the one who did the work on it.  It goes into that student's portfolio and ultimately helps that student's grade.

In a perfect world, they would all just do their work.  However, we all know this is the reality.  It's taken five years of trying, but I'm pretty pleased with this solution.  Good luck with this in your classroom!

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  Accountability: Keeping Grades Fair
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Analysis Essay: Revision & Reflection

Unit 14: Analyzing Poetry for Writing & Discussion
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT revise an essay using peer feedback as a guide.

Big Idea: Revision: Seeing your work in a new way.

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