Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Analysis Essay: Peer Feedback - Section 3: Getting Down to Business


For some of my students, this rubric might as well be written in Chinese.  They aren't yet to a point where they can thoughtfully and thoroughly evaluate someone else's writing - they're barely surviving their own essay!

For these students, I share some tips as I circulate around the room.  The first thing I will share with a student who has that deer-in-headlights look is that I don't read a student's work just one time.  I read it more than once, looking for different aspects each time.  I encourage them to focus on one part of the rubric per read.  For example, they could just read the paper looking for organization.  Does it feel like the paper is organized into an introduction, body, and conclusion?  Does the thesis statement appear at the end of the introduction paragraph?  Does it follow the format we learned? 

These are elements of the paper that are easy to start with for our struggling students.  Once they feel successful with the rubric, they can do another reading focusing on a different aspect.

Taking the time to show students how to chunk seemingly overwhelming tasks serves them in this class an all of their other school tasks as well.

  Helping Them Through Feeling Overwhelmed
  Diverse Entry Points: Helping Them Through Feeling Overwhelmed
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Analysis Essay: Peer Feedback

Unit 14: Analyzing Poetry for Writing & Discussion
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT support peers in the revision process by using a rubric to evaluate a partner's work.

Big Idea: Getting feedback from peers: a crucial step in the writing process.

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