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There are times were I think my 6th graders are turning into full-fledged adolescents and then there are times where I am reminded how young they are.  When I taught this lesson, I once again was reminded how most of my sixth graders still enjoy songs about material they are learning.  I prefaced my song by sharing that when I taught 4th grade my students were able to remember the difference between perimeter and area by learning a song (along with corresponding movements): “Perimeter, perimeter, sides go all around (tracing the outside of a rectangle in air).  Add up all the sides and then you write the number down (making an addition sign with arms and then fake write it down).  Area, area it’s the space inside (point into the imaginary rectangle you traced).  Take the length and take the width and then you multiply – for a rectangle! (one arm is the length, one is the width and then make a multiplication symbol with arms).

Then I sang the triangle area song to my sixth graders.  Although some were embarrassed J, most were excited.  Unexpectedly, one student who is typically difficult to engage raised his hand and asked, “Can we learn the dance too?”  I was confused until he explained that he wanted to learn the arm movements for both songs.  This lesson was a perfect reminder that my students are still little kids who can have fun with a simple song.

  (Most) 6th Graders still love songs!
  Joy: (Most) 6th Graders still love songs!
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Area of Triangles

Unit 8: Geometry
Lesson 3 of 19

Objective: SWBAT: • Identify and create perpendicular and parallel lines. • Identify the height and base of a triangle. • Find the area of a triangle.

Big Idea: How can you find the area of a triangle? How can you tell if two triangles have the same area? Students develop strategies for finding area of triangles.

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Math, Geometry, area of triangle, 6th grade, master teacher project
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