Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Area of Triangles - Section 2: Problem


Here are some of the strategies students used to find the area of the three triangles.

Finding Matching Pieces:

This student cut out the triangle.  She counted the complete squares and then tried to match each partial square to another piece that would create a full square.  When we came back together as a class I emphasized that finding

Creating Rectangles:

This student created squares and rectangles around the triangles.  Then he recognized that each triangle represented ½ of the area of the square/rectangle.

Using the Formula:

This student used the formula ½bh to calculate the area of the triangles.  Once he had finished, I had him return to the do now to continue trying to find a way to calculate the precise area of Triangle T.

  Diverse Entry Points: Student Strategies
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Area of Triangles

Unit 8: Geometry
Lesson 3 of 19

Objective: SWBAT: • Identify and create perpendicular and parallel lines. • Identify the height and base of a triangle. • Find the area of a triangle.

Big Idea: How can you find the area of a triangle? How can you tell if two triangles have the same area? Students develop strategies for finding area of triangles.

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