Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Learning to Read Compound Words - Section 3: Independent Practice


I have been teaching for a long time.  I really prepare for each of my lessons and make sure I have my materials ready.  There is the rare occasion that I get caught by surprise though. When I opened up my Smartboard lesson the slides at the end of the lesson were gone.  When I had made the slides I thought I had saved them. So like any seasoned teacher, instead of having that throw me, I just added some blank slides to the lesson and modeled what I wanted the students to do.  I modeled a few words and then had my students do their independent work.

If you looked at the previous videos and this video here, Student Work Compound Words.mp4, you can see that my students had a hard time and really didn't accomplish what I set out for them to accomplish. Before I posted this lesson on this site, I went back and made sure the last of the slides were on the Smartboard lessons.  Next time I teach this lesson, I know those slides will be there and we will practice the ending slides a lot more.  You can see what I was going for by watching the video here, Compound Words - Missing slides.mp4, so you will know what you need to focus on when teaching the lesson.  I know if I improve in that practice area my student work will be much better the next time around.

  Adjustments to Practice: When You Get Caught By Surprise
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Learning to Read Compound Words

Unit 13: Grammar and Language Lessons
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT read and write compound words as well as the two words that comprise the compound words.

Big Idea: Let's work on word attack strategies as we learn to read and write compound words. We'll be fluent readers before you know it!

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