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I don't often ask students to locate the reflection image of individual points and I only did to a small extent here. One of the curious aspects of transformations is that, to some extent, the more complicated the figure, the easier it is to see what is going on. Students learn more from reflecting entire figures. 

  Locating reflection images
  Modeling: Locating reflection images
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Exploring Reflections 2

Unit 5: Congruence and Similarity
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT Find coordinates of reflection images of points in a plane.

Big Idea: Students see that the image of a figure can be found by locating the images of enough points to determine the figure.

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Math, Geometry, Symmetry, reflection (flip), Similarity and Congruence, image, transformation, reflecting line, preimage
  55 minutes
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