Reflection: Pacing Memoir Storyboarding - Section 5: Wrap up and Next Steps


I didn't want to spend any more time after today on this, but, with the shortened class time, I wasn't able to get to the storyboarding activity, so I will have to build this in to something next week.

I will not be providing any class time for students to draft their pieces. This is a little risky, as many students will likely procrastinate writing their pieces without a little nagging on my part, but, frankly, we don't have time to spend on this anymore, so we have to move on. This piece of narrative is a relatively small part of my district required units of study, so we will only spend one more day--a day to review--on these memoirs in class. 

This is the great balancing act we play as ELA teachers, I fear. Making sure that we provide enough time for writing instruction AND reading instruction, not to mention vocabulary, grammar, research, speaking and so forth. I have faith in my students...but I'm a little nervous that rushing now will lead to poorly written narratives later. 

  Pacing: Next Steps After Today
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Memoir Storyboarding

Unit 2: Narrative Reading and Writing: Persepolis and Memoir
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT plan their writing while considering key ideas and intended audience by creating a visual rough draft through storyboarding.

Big Idea: What better way to begin the process of writing a memoir than to plan it out through pictures?

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