Reflection: Essay Writing Lady Capulet Compares Paris to a Book: Students Explain the Metaphor in a Timed Writing Task. - Section 2: Writing the Open Response


Students worked diligently this hour and most finished the open response before the bell, which tells me-- even before reading the essays-- that they felt prepared.

After reading the essay, I was satisfied with their understanding of the metaphor and the implications that Lady Capulet is making about love. For content alone, most students earned a 4, the top score according to the MCAS scale. However, I would still like to focus on writing style and voice. I found that while they could answer the question accurately, many of the responses were borderline mechanical. I know that they can be much more animated in their writing, since I have seen the creative writing skills, so I am hoping to bridge the gap somehow.

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  Essay Writing: An Hour of Writing
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Lady Capulet Compares Paris to a Book: Students Explain the Metaphor in a Timed Writing Task.

Unit 14: Romeo and Juliet Act 1: Character Introduction and Analysis
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write explanatory texts to examine and convey complex concepts clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content by explaining Lady Capulet's metaphor in a one-page essay.

Big Idea: You shouldn't judge a book by its cover? Lady Capulet disagrees.

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