Reflection: Lesson Planning Revising Argumentative Dialogues: Transitions and Endings - Section 2: Review Of Transitions and Endings


This lesson came about through listening to my students and their needs. I felt that they had enough time revising and enough time working in class. I really wanted to move on in the unit so we don't fall to far behind. However, my students were able to tell me that they not only needed more time to work, but also more time to revise and review transitions and endings.

I think listening to students can be powerful. It really helps the teacher see how they can design their lessons moving forward to best meet student needs. Listening to students really means listening to their work. Looking at their work I can see that move time was needed. This allows me to focus on certain areas to really improve their writing.

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Revising Argumentative Dialogues: Transitions and Endings

Unit 6: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part II
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT revise argumentative pieces with an emphasis on transitions and endings.

Big Idea: Students speak and teacher listens: using student identified weaknesses to practice argument writing.

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