Reflection: Relevance Book Vocabulary - Section 1: Modeling Expectations


I try to only choose about three words per chapter. Too many words and students will not be able to use them or remember them. To actually gain words students will need to use them outside of the reading and not just as vocabulary words in worksheets. I like to try to have them use them throughout the week in their writing and speaking. This is why I keep the list to about three a chapter.

  Choosing the Words
  Relevance: Choosing the Words
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Book Vocabulary

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
Lesson 4 of 19

Objective: SWBAT write and define new vocabulary words and use them in context.

Big Idea: When part of a literature study, there are many new vocabulary words that student can and need to learn. In this lesson look for these words and then try to create definitions using context and use the dictionary to confirm.

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