Reflection: Student Grouping Book Vocabulary - Section 2: Finding and Defining


To help students be more successful, I feel that groups would be better. I choose pairs that I feel will be successful together. Students who are good readers are paired with those that need more help and can use the role model. I did feel that some of my students would be hard partners. Instead of making them work with just one student I made this a group of four. This way when the more difficult of the two start to lose focus the group will still move forward. 

Groups are not easy for everyone. When students do not work on the same level or lose attention easy, it is not always fair for their partners. This group of four has two strong leaders to help the others. This larger group might move more slowly, but they do work better and longer than if their were a pair. 

  Peer Groups
  Student Grouping: Peer Groups
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Book Vocabulary

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
Lesson 4 of 19

Objective: SWBAT write and define new vocabulary words and use them in context.

Big Idea: When part of a literature study, there are many new vocabulary words that student can and need to learn. In this lesson look for these words and then try to create definitions using context and use the dictionary to confirm.

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