Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Symbolism in Call of the Wild: Working in Groups - Section 2: Group Talk Time


I found this resource called LitCharts that I think is really helpful.  It is a free site that gives you some frameworks for approaching novels.  It's a bit like a Cliffs Notes (and I guess a student could use it that way), but it's nice because it highlights things that a teacher might take for granted.

I have read Call of the Wild about a million times, but I was not feeling confident about choosing good, obvious symbols for students to work with.  I could come up with three or four, but not five.  So, I used the ones on LitCharts.  It worked out great...except for "caveman visions." The kids really struggled with that.  And I struggled with helping them.   

So, I think I learned my lesson.  If I can only think of four, well, maybe there are only four symbols that would work for the assignment.  If I were to do it again, I would probably stick to the other ones on the list and ditch "caveman visions."

  "Rookie" mistake
  Adjustments to Practice: "Rookie" mistake
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Symbolism in Call of the Wild: Working in Groups

Unit 4: Nature, Naturalism, and The Call of the Wild
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT work together to define the meaning of a given symbol and find text support to back it up.

Big Idea: Students work like sled dogs -- in a team!

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