Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Answering Text-Dependent Questions to Understand Life in Harlem During the Harlem Renaissance - Section 1: Activator


I asked these questions about people living together to help students connect to their own past or present experiences with the goal of having the reading become more meaningful.  Some of their answers to why people may want to share a living space included:

  • They all like each other
  • It's cheaper
  • To protect each other
  • To take care of older relatives
  • To take care and raise a daughter or son's child


I think their answers were sincere and gave a glimpse into their realities.

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Answering Text-Dependent Questions to Understand Life in Harlem During the Harlem Renaissance

Unit 2: An Introduction to Harlem Renaissance Writers: Critical and Creative Reading and Writing
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT comprehend an informational text about the Harlem Renaissance by using context clues to determine vocabulary definitions and by answering text dependent questions on a reading guide.

Big Idea: Before they begin to read the works of the Harlem Renaissance writers, students must understand what life was like in Harlem at the time.

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