Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Reading All Together: Second Chapter - Section 3: Questioning As We Go


The process of slowing down and trying to understand the text better takes effort and practice. I really want my class to understand that I can not read as fast as possible and expect to learn everything the author is trying to tell me. I also want make clear that I could miss a lot if I don't stop and check for understanding. 

For them to reflect on the process, I ask them, "how many of you slow down and make sure to understand what you read like I am making you do?" i have them show me with their thumb. I thumb up tells me they do try it and a thumb down tells me they do not. Most of my class is very honest and explain that they don't. I ask them to tell me what they might have missed if they read the first two chapters this way. Students are very honest and they see that they would have missed a lot. 

  Student Reflection on Learning
  Student Self-Assessment: Student Reflection on Learning
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Reading All Together: Second Chapter

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
Lesson 3 of 19

Objective: SWBAT read and discuss the important details that are explicit and inferred in our book.

Big Idea: In this lesson we are going to read the second chapter of Number the Stars as a whole class. I will be stopping and prompting questions that require students to infer and draw on details from the book.

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