Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge "Out Damned Spot": Lady Macbeth Now and Then (Act V of Macbeth) - Section 2: Lady Macbeth Now and Then: One Body of Two Minds in the Sleepwalking Scene


I like the Lady Macbeth Now and Then lesson, which I adapted from the Folger Shakespeare Library, for several reasons: 

  • It helps me show students how to connect their prior knowledge about Lady Macbeth to her evolution throughout the play. 
  • It offers a way to invite students to reread, which is important to deep reading, portions of the text, which, in turn, helps them prepare for their upcoming papers. 
  • It demonstrates an important concept in literature: We can't label characters and expect them to remain the same by the end of the work, which is not to say there aren't static characters as well as dynamic ones. 
  • It further demonstrates the analytical component of performance pedagogy. 

  Performance Analysis
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Performance Analysis
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"Out Damned Spot": Lady Macbeth Now and Then (Act V of Macbeth)

Unit 8: Oh, Horror! Horror! Horror! "The Tragedy of Macbeth"
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze changes in Lady Macbeth's character over the course of the play.

Big Idea: A change is gonna come.

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English / Language Arts, Classics (Literature), Dramatic Arts, Macbeth, Folger Shakespeare Library, literarture
  75 minutes
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