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My students were really excited to do read these mini bios. I offered a challenge at the end. The students were allowed to be creative and try to write their own mini biography on themselves. They could pretend it was written in the future and included facts about their accomplishments. I encouraged them to be creative and not try to reinvent something we already have. For example, they could not now invent the telephone. They could write it up and I would give out a reward for the extra effort. 

For students who do not know what to write about themselves. I offer another challenge. These students can go home and research another famous person and write a mini biography on them in the same format as the worksheet. 

  Intervention and Extension: Bonus Activity
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Get the Gist: Getting to Main Idea

Unit 8: Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT underline and explain the main idea for many small pieces of text.

Big Idea: When students over highlight or underline it defeats the purpose of finding the main idea. This lesson helps them focus on the most important pieces and practice underlining with real purpose.

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