Reflection: Classroom Setup Discovering Similar Triangles - Section 3: Similar Triangle Hands On Exploration


I found that this activity was very time consuming but also gave students an opportunity to truly discover the key properties of similar triangles.  For teachers with very focused, high-level students, this activity should take about 20 minutes.  For students who need directions broken down, and need re-direction, this activity may take more like 30-40 minutes to complete.  For my classes, I required that students stop after each part and check in with me.  This was slightly chaotic but allowed me to intervene if students read directions wrong, and also allowed for stronger students to move more quickly on the activity.  These photos show examples of the sets of triangles, and how we labeled them, photo 1 and also the angle measure for each set of triangles, photo 2

Also, I would strongly suggest that students work in pairs.  This allowed students to just cut one set of triangles and then each pair could brainstorm together the answers.  If possible, too, it is helpful for each student to have a protractor and ruler, again to save time on measuring angles and sides, respectively. 

  Classroom Setup: Differentiating Activity
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Discovering Similar Triangles

Unit 10: Sweet Similar Shapes
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify and determine key properties of similar figures

Big Idea: Completing a hands-on activity, students will cut, categorize and discover properties of similar triangles.

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