Reflection: Intervention and Extension Getting Ready to Read: Opening to Number the Stars - Section 2: Predicting Practice


When the students were talking with their partners, I thought of another way they could have shared information. They could have done a fish bowl or inside/outside circle to share their findings. They could have shared more information and been able to hear more with this method. 

One way I would have done this would have been to give them the directions for predicting while sitting in the circle. They could take their white boards to the floor. Students on the outside would share what they learned first. I would keep time while they talk. I would then ask the inner circle to move to their left. It would now be their turn to share. I would have continued this a couple more times and then moved to the second part of reading the jacket cover. Then repeat the same activity to share. 

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  Intervention and Extension: Extension Activity
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Getting Ready to Read: Opening to Number the Stars

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
Lesson 1 of 19

Objective: SWBAT use the iPad to research Lois Lowry before beginning to read "Number the Stars".

Big Idea: Our new literature study is a book by Lois Lowry. This is the introduction to our literature unit and students will explore the cover and research the author before reading.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Fictional Literature, historical fiction, pre-reading, Number the Stars, Ipads, Lois Lowry
  30 minutes
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