Reflection: Real World Applications Representing Inequalities - Section 2: Modeling and Solving Inequalities


Real world situations can really help students make sense of, as well as stretch their thinking about, a mathematical concept.  The cake pop problem did just that in this lesson.  

Each batch of 50 cake pops takes 3 hours to make.  If there are only 15 hours available each week, write an inequality showing the number of cake pops that can be produced.

My students came up with some interesting Models.  They had to manipulate the given information to find that a maximum of 250 cake pops could be produced.  In this selection of models, they all missed the end goal in the provided information.  Many of my students are still at the comfort level of doing mathematics with numbers not attached to a context.  Obviously, they didn't think through scenario.  

As a class, we pokes holes in all of the scenarios and then went back to create one that actually fit.  I think this was a good lesson in thoughtful reading.

  Real World Applications: Reading Problems Carefully
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Representing Inequalities

Unit 1: Modeling with Expressions and Equations
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to solve and model one variable inequalities and write them in interval notation.

Big Idea: Model and solve inequalities both algebraically and graphically as well as introduce interval notation.

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Math, modeling, Inequalities (Algebra), Algebra, Algebra 2, master teacher project, Modeling Inequalities
  52 minutes
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