Reflection: Safety Tarzan: Everyone's a Critic - Section 3: Researching Reviews


During this section of the lesson, students are off on their own, finding and reading reviews of movies that they found online. You might want to consider pre-selecting a few websites that you know have kid appropriate language before setting students free to explore. A few ideas are: KidzVuzKids Pick Flicks and International Movie Database. This way you can keep your students safe and on task while they research reviews.

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Tarzan: Everyone's a Critic

Unit 16: Tarzan!
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT research movie reviews to identify authors' viewpoints and then recommend or not recommend a movie of their choice.

Big Idea: Students become movie critics in this lesson! They will have the opportunity to use real world skills to find their voice and compose an opinion.

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English / Language Arts, opinion, opinion writing, movie review
  70 minutes
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