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I am never disppointed with the level of interest and effort shown by the kids with The Sneetches and Other Stories.  This year, I had the added pleasure of seeing the kids take the book farther, a few weeks later, when we did a lesson on homohone story rewrites.  They had the choice of books to adapt or create, and more than a few chose to use The Sneetches.  I also enjoyed how many kids asked to see a copy of my Sneetches book for the rest of the year.  An absolute favorite book of mine from childhood is obviously a new favorite of many other kids.  Love it!

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March 2nd: Read Across America

Unit 9: Significant School Days
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Objective: TSWBAT determine the theme of "The Sneetches," and how the characters cope with the issue of discrimination.

Big Idea: The theme of "The Sneetches" is a significant theme. The message is simple, if you know what I mean.

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