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When I give students an organizer if it is something simple or something they have seen before I always give them options. Today I showed the students how I would organize my notes, but then as other students were taking notes while researching, I showed their examples on the document camera. For example, one of my students did her notes in paragraphs and then labeled her claim and her opponent's claim, another student took his notes using Google Docs (which we had learned in a previous lesson). 

I want students to figure out how to independently organize in order to use it in the real world, that is why I give them a choice. 

  Giving Students Different Ways to Organize
  Real World Applications: Giving Students Different Ways to Organize
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Debate Research Using the Internet

Unit 10: Engaging in Debate
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT research a topic in order gather more evidence for a debate.

Big Idea: Prove yourself!

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