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I don't grade every piece of writing that the students write.  I feel that if you mark up and correct everything a student writes, they start to have a negative perspective on their own writing.  I do, of course, find it valuable to grade certain pieces.  I think it helps students know where they can improve.  Often, instead of grading and marking up their papers, I will pull the students back for writing conferences where we will talk about their piece.  I will point out the things I love about the piece as well as a few pointers to improve the piece.  Because I have already graded a writing project within this unit, I have chosen to conference with the students on this piece.  

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Native American Tribes - Disaster Perspective Writing

Unit 11: Native American Tribes of Utah
Lesson 21 of 22

Objective: SWBAT write about what it would be like to experience a disaster from the perspective of a Native American from their tribe who experienced that disaster.

Big Idea: Students will be experiencing a mock disaster in their tribe and will write about the disaster from the perspective of a tribe member in history who may have truly experienced that disaster.

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English / Language Arts, Social Studies, Writing, Indians, Writing Process, Native Americans, perspective, subject integration
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