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Finding the correct "double-Triple" cookie for this lesson took effort. I went to multiple stores in two towns for locate enough!  This begs the question - is the cookie necessary?

Yes, in my opinion it is.  First, not only does cookie provide a tangible reminder of the lesson, but it also connects to sensory learning.  My students are connecting on multiple levels in this lesson.

More importantly, I'm making memories!  I want my students to enjoy language arts and this is the type of "fun", creative activity that they WILL remember.  I can't tell you how many of my students genuinely thanked me for that one cookie.  

Furthermore, this day made me smile and that's important too.

  Is the Cookie Necessary?
  Lesson Planning: Is the Cookie Necessary?
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Oreo Argument - Part 1

Unit 9: Argument - Part 1
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze an argument using the Oreo recipe.

Big Idea: A recipe will help us make our own.

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