Reflection: Student Ownership That's Not Fair! Fractions of a Region Part 1 - Section 2: Group Active Engagement


Wow!  When I explained today's task, the energy in the room went from squirrelly to focused and energized in seconds.  The students were so engaged in creating a scene to solve this problem and work as a group in order to make sense of the problem and communicate thinking to others. 

I highly encourage you to try this lesson or another one using drama as the task, as the students "saw and understood" the reason for using math.  The skits were not polished, not written well-or even at all for some groups, nor were they highly engaging for the audience.  However, the math conversations happening while teams were planning, the discourse around whether a solution made sense, and the act of figuring out how to communicate that solution to others was phenomenal. 

I have not done this type of activity, but I am repeating it tomorrow with more guidance of how to "show" through acting, the solutions.  I will also give the children a checklist of things to include in their skits.  They are more excited about math tomorrow than they are for their recess!  THIS IS SUCCESS:)

  Excitement in the House!
  Student Ownership: Excitement in the House!
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That's Not Fair! Fractions of a Region Part 1

Unit 6: Unit Fractions
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to partition a whole into unit fractions to solve a word problem.

Big Idea: How can 2 cookies be shared by 3 hungry sisters? How can 2 peanuts be shared by 3 squirrels gathering nuts? These are the real world questions that students need to be able to answer by using their knowledge of fractions.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, Dramatic Arts, unit fractions, partitions, modeling with mat, real world, fraction word problems, Critical Area
  60 minutes
squirrel with two nuts
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