Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Evaluating Romeo's Love Poetry in Act 1, Scene 1 - Section 5: Wrapping Up


The assignment at the end of class is fairly easy: just provide 5 adjectives to describe Romeo. It was just a quick way for me to assess how much each student understood from our conversations in today's class, but they surpassed my expectations. They got right to work, selecting their words, and were excited for me to read them. Normally, at least a few students try to get out the door without showing me the exit ticket, but not this time. They all had something to say about Romeo. And it wasn't merely a regurgitation of what was said in class. Instead, they interpreted our conversation and came to their own conclusions. They called him dramatic, pitiful, needy, intense, romantic, and "a catch." They were invested, probably because Romeo is a lot like them. He's love sick and romantic, but makes jokes and seems kind.

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  Grappling with Complexity: Did they get it?
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Evaluating Romeo's Love Poetry in Act 1, Scene 1

Unit 14: Romeo and Juliet Act 1: Character Introduction and Analysis
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings by analyzing Act 1, scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet.

Big Idea: O brawling love, o loving hate! Poor Romeo just needs a date!

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