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The common core standard for this lesson states that students should be able to determine odd and even numbers between 1-20.  I have chosen to push the rigor in this lesson by allowing my medium and high level students to determine if numbers 1-100 are even or odd.  I chose to push my students in this way because they have developed a conceptual understanding of even and odd numbers and pushing them to think about whether larger numbers are even or odd is a natural extension of this understanding.  For my students who struggle to have a conceptual understanding, I work with them in group A and focus just on numbers 1-20. 

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Is the Sum Even or Odd?

Unit 5: Is it Even Or Odd?
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT determine whether a sum is even or odd.

Big Idea: Students solve word problems and determine whether the sum is even or odd using strategies they learned in days prior (drawing a ten frame , counting by two, making equal groups).

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Math, odd, even, Odd and even numbers
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