Reflection: Checks for Understanding Our Strategies for Adding Four Addends - Section 2: Introduction to New Material


Working through an entrance ticket problem (or a problem of the day) allows me to check for understanding on a skill that has already been introduced.  As we work through this problem, I am able to see (1) what strategies students are choosing and (2) what pitfalls students are falling into (i.e: what is preventing them from accurately solving the problem.  I use this information to fix any misunderstanding during my introduction to new material, guided practice, and during independent practice math groupings.  

  Checking for student understanding
  Checks for Understanding: Checking for student understanding
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Our Strategies for Adding Four Addends

Unit 3: Adding Four Addends
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT regroup using four two-digit addends.

Big Idea: Students identify, use, and share their own strategies for adding four two-digit addends.

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