Reflection: Intervention and Extension Counting 0-5 - Section 6: Closure


During this lesson I found the most important thing to was to roam the room and keep students holding up their counting snap cubes until you've checked their work. I found it easy for kids to miscount any quantity greater than 3. For the first few times we play this "game". I monitor very closely who performs with ease and who struggles. Once the students are accustomed to the steps in the activity, I can walk around the room with a clipboard and monitoring notes sheet.

As the kids got more efficient at counting, I found that I didn't need to show the answer as quickly as I did in the beginning because they begin to build confidence in their own counting. Several students struggled with this activity when we went to five. I walked over to those students during the activity and guided them individually until they could do it on their own.

  Intervention and Extension: Counting Careful
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Counting 0-5

Unit 5: Make It Count!
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to count 0-5 objects and write the numeral that represents that quantity.

Big Idea: Students learn how to count up to 5 objects independently by following oral directions and modeling given by the teacher.

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