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During this lesson I found the most important thing to remember is that just because a child can orally count to three or higher, it does not necessarily mean that they have a cognitive understanding of what the counting represents or that it is even linked to concepts of quantity. I have had kindergarteners who could count past ten upon entering the classroom, but could not count objects past three without guidance because counting incorporates more skill then just orally stating numbers. It requires an understanding of quantity, the connection between quantity and a symbol that represents that specific quantity. It is very important that you assume that the students can only orally rote count numbers but that they have no real cognitive understanding of what it means or represents. Closely guiding students through this process will build a foundation that will allow them to form deeper connections later.

  Never assume
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Never assume
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Counting 0-2

Unit 5: Make It Count!
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Objective: Students will be able to count 0-2 objects and write the number representing the corresponding quantity.

Big Idea: Students learn how to count up to 2 objects independently by following oral directions and modeling given by the teacher. They also are exposed to the concept of zero.

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