Reflection: Intervention and Extension Skill 4: Extended Writing Stategies - Section 4: Wrap Up and Next Steps


I had quite a few students who panicked towards the end of class today because they weren't going to finish. I was alway planning on handing these essays back to students tomorrow so they could review/revise their pieces, so I told students who didn't get done that they would have ten minutes of class time tomorrow to wrap things up. 

I'm thinking that I might need to also use a little time tomorrow to talk about timed writing and how to manage our time well. One of my students, in particular, always struggles to start with any independent task in my class. I often have to verbally nudge him with even the simplest of tasks, like getting all his materials out and ready to go. He didn't finish his essay because he took ten minutes (at least) to get all of his readings together. I often wonder what I could do differently for him, but given the fact that this is a practice writing session for our upcoming test and he will not have any modifications (or teachers who are allowed to nudge him), I let him turn in a very sparse piece of writing. Strangely enough, he was not one of the students who panicked about not being done, so maybe he and I have bigger issues to work on, but I do think that there is probably a better intervention to try with him, specifically with writings like these. 


  Students Who Didn't Finish
  Intervention and Extension: Students Who Didn't Finish
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Skill 4: Extended Writing Stategies

Unit 11: Skill Review: Preparing for the State Test
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT introduce a topic and organize ideas to make important connections between thematically connected texts by writing a mini-essay on the topic of imperialism.

Big Idea: And now to demonstrate their thinking, students will write a mini-essay on imperialism using the short texts class texts

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