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We have to get out of our classroom and watch other teachers to pick up tips and management skills to make our classroom prosper.  This is a fact for every teacher, no matter if you are new or have taught for 25 years.  I am in my 12th year of teaching and I still look through the windows of other classrooms and ask teachers at workshops how they do things.  I remember my first year of teaching and seeing other teachers do things that I had not been taught in college and getting lots of ideas.

In the resource section you will see a video of one tool I learned from another teacher years ago.  Of course we do not want our students cheating off each other when they are taking tests.  But it is also important during some independent practice that our students "practice" their own work and not just sit and copy off their neighbor.  That way, when I look at their independent practice for an idea of how well they understood the concepts I taught that day, I can see who truly mastered things and who still needs help.

At first, I stapled plain folders together and called them privacy folders.  Then I began seeing pictures from different teacher blogs for the same thing, but it was designed as a tool - reframed to be more positive and conducive to a hardworking classroom culture.  Thus, I created an office with tools for success for my students, see the video ...

... After you see the video, your probably wondering what do I do if I need to give my kids a test on something that is on the office. I have two options.  I either have them pull out their take home binder and use it as an office or we go to the hallway.  I scatter my kids all over our hallway and take our test.

  Classroom Setup: Privacy Folders
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Spatial Patterns for numbers 10 through 15

Unit 2: Building Counting Skills
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use a ten frame to build and identify the numbers 10 through 15.

Big Idea: This lesson is larger than life! Students see spatial patterns and get fluent with counting using a life-sized tens frame.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Integers, counting, First Grade
  30 minutes
using privacy offices lesson
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