Reflection: Adjustments to Practice The King of Mazy May - Section 1: Warm Up: Planning for Edits


Teaching writing is one of my favorite things to do.  However, it is really difficult.  Students come to every assignment at different levels of ability and motivation, and it is very difficult to coach without taking over.  I do really try to give suggestions, but I remind students that their writing is their own, not mine.  But, let's be honest.  If the person who is GRADING your work is giving you feedback, are you stupid to not take it?

In an ideal world, we wouldn't grade much writing.  Instead, we would coach students through it and they would have the intrinsic motivation to improve, without the motivation of a grade.  I am sure there are a few schools who have gone that route, but that philosophy hasn't "gone wide."

I am working on new ways to provide coaching and feedback to students.  The highlighting for setting, characterization, conflict and mood is part of that.  The rubric that I will use for this assignment will assess how well they address and cultivate those elements.  Unfortunately, there is no line item for the dominant effect, or power, of the writing.  And there are no points for grammar or mechanics. (Like I said, this is something I am TRYING.)  

I am really trying to avoid grading in a way that students can neither understand nor apply.  The downside is that these papers are going to take a while...

  Supporting student writing
  Adjustments to Practice: Supporting student writing
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The King of Mazy May

Unit 4: Nature, Naturalism, and The Call of the Wild
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of the two antagonists in "The King of Mazy May."

Big Idea: Nature as Antagonist + Man as Antagonist = Jack London

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