Reflection: Intervention and Extension Step By Step! - Section 1: Warm Up!


During the warm-up portion of the lesson, I notice that some students were having a hard time explaining how they got their answer.  Some students needed to be reminded of the value of digits as well.  This video Teachers notes explains additional strategies to use to support students learning. To incorporate technology, I have added a fun and engaging online web-site, so students can have additional practice understanding division.


  • Provide students with grid paper so that they can visually see columns in which to place the digits when dividing.


  Intervention and Extension: Teacher's Reflection
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Step By Step!

Unit 4: Numbers and Their Places!
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: Students will explore the relationship among numbers and be able to explain the basic steps of division in a variety of ways.

Big Idea: Students love to run up and down steps; however, they never stop to think about the repeated process, through steps students will better understand the relationship among numbers using a variety of basic operations to be able to explain the methods of divi

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Math, multiple-step instruction, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, explain, EXPLORE
  60 minutes
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