Reflection: Choosing Words Carefully: Anne Bradstreet's Diction and Style - Section 4: Two Minute Warning: Homework Assignment Wrap Up (Self-Explication)


As typically seems the case, students' willingness to volunteer questions at the end of class is over-ridden by the awe they experience watching the second hand of the clock tick down to the dismissal bell. While I instructed them on the homework, there was no conversation about the use of poetic devices or meanings of the terms. 

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Choosing Words Carefully: Anne Bradstreet's Diction and Style

Unit 2: Literacy: Plain Living Portrayed in Puritan Poetry and Sermons
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and analyze how poetic structure refines and shapes the tone and theme of Anne Bradstreet's "Upon the Burning of Our House."

Big Idea: As students look deeper into the themes and diction Puritan Poetry, they explore how one person expresses solace even amid devastating tragedy.

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house fire using gasoline by user kpahor via wikimedia
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