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I think letters are a fabulous way for students to connect with the content they're learning.  I've had students write letters before to all kinds of people and places.  We, of course, wrote letters to Ellen Degenerous earlier in the year.  I've had students write to businesses, celebrities and tourist attractions. 

One thing I always do is make sure the kids don't use their full names- they use first name and last initial.  I also use preprinted school envelopes and write c/o my name on the envelope so if someone writes back it gets to me.  The other thing I am always sure to do is to have the students address the envelope themselves because you would be surprised that a lot of them don't know how to do it.

Finally, I always write a letter to the parents asking for a stamp to help the school budget out and if whatever kiddos don't bring a stamp, I provide it so everyone can mail their letters.  I've included a parent letter in the resource section you can use to ask your parents for a stamp.


  Reflection: My Thoughts on Letters
  Real World Applications: Reflection: My Thoughts on Letters
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Meeting the Real Ruby Bridges

Unit 15: The Story of Ruby Bridges
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compose a letter to send to a real life person asking questions and relaying their own thoughts about the person's accomplishments.

Big Idea: Being able to effectively communicate in writing is a necessary life skill.

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