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Having students work in pairs instead of groups of 3 or 4 ensures that all students are engaged and some are not opting out.  There is a little more thinking and sense making as well as accountability. It could be modified by giving each student their own equation and telling them to draw a rectangle for it. Some students may have to draw more than one if they have a formula like A= 40. Only then telling them that one of the math brothers and sisters at their group has an equations for the same rectangle. Once they have paired up tell them about the sister group and continue the lesson in the same way. This way multiple pairs could be working with the same rectangle. They may find each other during their "sister" search or during the presentation. This could introduce another level of discussion if one group came up with an equation the other did not.

  Better in pairs
  Accountability: Better in Pairs
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What Does it Look Like?

Unit 10: Exploring Area & Perimeter
Lesson 13 of 16

Objective: SWBAT draw the rectangle represented by various area and perimeter formulas and equations.

Big Idea: The numbers and variable in the equations and formulas represent the structure of the figure.

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Math, perimeter (Determining Measurements), modeling, Geometry, areas, formulas, area of rectangle, equation
  54 minutes
what does it look like
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